Adieu Summer


Enjoying the last of summer’s colorful blooms

Flower picking at the end of summer is a wonderful way to mark the start of autumn. This year, my family and I visited a beautiful little farm called Dahlia Acres in western Michigan for the occasion. The farm also sells fresh fruit and produce, the peaches looked especially delicious!

Not quite ready for fall, I brought along two summery dresses. The first one, the white midi, features sweetly vintage details with it’s length and puff sleeves. I found the neckline to be a tad revealing, so I may plan to add a few stitches    to keep it secure. The second dress is truly unique with its ruffled details and subtle floral print. It is also super flattering to wear, and easy to style.




DSCF4023 (1)

DSCF3949 (1)

DSCF3929 (1)



Lisa Says Gah dress
Lisa Says Gah barrette
CF Goldman dress
Ancient Greek Sandals shoes

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