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Super Jeep Tour

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An adventure-filled day

Another excursion we booked through BD Travel during our Dominican Republic trip was a super jeep tour. We spent the day driving through the idyllic Dominican Republic countryside. Our first stop was a sugarcane plantation where we learned more about the crop and how it is harvested to make sugar. Our next stop was at a local farm for horseback riding, followed by a thrilling zipline through the jungle. Afterwards, the guide showed us how coffee and cocoa fruits are processed after harvesting. Raw cocoa fruit is quite delicious, very similar to a mangosteen. A tasty and authentic lunch buffet was also included. We ended our day at the stunningly picturesque Macao Beach. It is a public beach and a popular spot for surfing. I was mesmerized by the rolling white waves lap against the shore. If you want to experience what the Dominican Republic is like outside the resorts, this tour is a great place to start. 


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