Gingham & Sunflowers


Sky blue gingham and sunshine yellow sunflowers go quite well together, don’t you think? 

Standing in the field, I was taken back by the scale of it all which seemed to expand in every direction. Most of the sunflowers were at least my height, if not taller. Wearing white overalls while, or anything white for that matter, while walking through a sunflower field is just asking for stains. However, a little bleach or detergent should do the trick. It seems overalls have been making a comeback these days, and I for one have always been a fan. They are comfortable, and easy to pair with just about all my summer tops.







Madewell belted overall shorts
J.Crew gingham shirt (old)
Lola Hats first aid hat
Ancient Greek Sandals Helene clog
Gentle Monster sunglasses

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